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Welcome to the NHES Yearbook Page! Here you can contact the NHES Yearbook Adviser to submit student photos from extra-curricular activities and other school functions for possible use in the 2017-2018 Yearbook. Last year's book contained a unique feature where video clips of events could be viewed with your Smartphone. We are excited to offer this feature again this year and would love for you to submit video of sports, band concerts, class programs, or any other special events. Please keep in mind that the clips should be under one minute long for easy processing. Space is limited and while we appreciate each submittal, it does not guarantee that your photos or videos will be used in this year's book.
You may also access our Yearbook and Yearbook Ad sales center from the buttons below.
Should you have questions regarding the Yearbook or if you would like to submit pictures/videos, please contact Amy Conville at
For Online Yearbook Purchases With A Credit Card :
  • If you would like to use a credit card to purchase your yearbook, log on to our secure site or click the RED button below.
  • Once there enter 15033 and verify that it says New Hope Elementary School.
  • Continue
  • Choose “Buy a Yearbook, Yearbook Packages.” Enter the quantity you wish to purchase.  
  • Click “Buy these Items.”
  • Choose “Click here to enter your student’s name.” *NOTE: if you’re buying more than one, you’ll have to enter EACH CHILD’S NAME that is to receive a yearbook.
  • Enter your child’s first name, last name, and grade then click “Add Student Name.”
  • Click OK. Verify that all the info. on the screen is correct.
  • Click “Next.” You’ll proceed to checkout and enter your payment information.

Names can be printed on yearbooks that are ordered online only. There is a $5.00 extra fee.


Please carefully review what you enter. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS.

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